4 Pack Electrical Tape Waterproof 0.6 in X 33ft


Excellent Quality & Reasonable Price: You will get a series of 4 colored electrical tapes with each purchase, each length of 32.8 feet, 15 mm thick, each pack may be black, red, blue, white, yellow, color random.
Safety: 600V, 80 degrees maximum, Sambaolong’s flame retardant PVC electrical adhesive has a rated working voltage of up to 600 volts, and a working temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, 176 degrees Fahrenheit, which is completely within the range of most homes and industries, making it completely safe for users for all uses.
Wide Use: Suitable for all types of electrical wiring, whether you are a professional electrician or engineer or a DIY enthusiast, this electrical tape is exactly what you need and is the ideal choice for all wiring projects and maintenance, including wire splicing, cable insulation, wire strapping, etc. It is probably the best all-around PVC tape.
High Performance: The highest quality PVC electrical tape, this pack of 4, each piece is made of heavy industrial grade PVC, flame retardant, acid, alkali, UV, oil, abrasion and moisture resistant, it has adhesive rubber resin to provide excellent bonding quality, beautiful.
Premium Customer Service: This product has UL column name and CSA certification. You can contact us if you have any questions, we can solve them for you very well and quickly.

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