Rubber Insulating Electrical Tape


If you’re still bothered by the circuit, you can use rubber self-adhesive tape to automatically tighten and fuse it into one after use. This tape can serve as insulation, heat insulation and waterproof sealing, etc.
Self Fusion rubber materia, high temperature resistance, extrusion resistance, waterproof, insulation, Cold and wear resistant unbreakable and tightly wound.
Main Use: this product is suit for the voltage below 10KV; the conductor normal working temperature is no more than 100℃; While the emergency overload temperature for the conductor is 130℃, short circuit temperature is 150℃, it can meet the polymeric cable overload situation.
Usage: peel off the release film before using, stretch the tape to 300%, wrap up to five layers in a half fold, then use the same brand PVC electrical tape wrap up to three layers as a maskant.
Notice! This product itself is not sticky and cannot be used as a tape. The product can only be fused by itself by superimposing and winding after stretching. Under normal circumstances, it takes several hours to wait for the product to self-fusion. Using a hair dryer may speed up the product self-fusion

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